Seek to Build Wealth for a Deep Cause

Why you should seek to build wealth for a deep cause.

The honest reality is that acquiring wealth for most of us is a long and challenging process that requires dedication, sacrifice and a never give up attitude. The reason it is so important to establish a deep and meaningful reason for why you want to build wealth is critical in ensuring you stay on the path to achieving it.

Everyone at some point in their life has wanted to be wealthy for superficial reasons. The reason this cannot fuel the deep sustained fire required to build wealth (in most cases) is that it is usually not seen as a core need to your own life. Hence, it is vital you seek to build wealth for a deep cause. Whether or not you agree with that statement or not, here’s why I feel it is true.

You want that Lamborghini?

Or the mega-mansion?

Of course you do. Anyone would. They’re nice.

The thing is, you don’t have them now, you didn’t have them yesterday and you won’t have them tomorrow. You’re still going to have good and bad times and feel a wide range of emotions and live your life as a complete person.

Yes, even without those objects. You’ve been doing it your whole life.

When it is 11PM and you’ve had a long day are you going to pick yourself up and get on the computer and work on your side Business? Keep researching those Companies to invest in? Short-list more properties to inspect? The answer to this for most people is NO because even though they want it, they don’t want it deep enough to sacrifice the freedom they have now for the exponential freedom they MIGHT get later, if things go in their favour of course.

After all, you need to try to get lucky, but by trying you risk failure.

What’s my point? Well, like I said before the journey to building wealth is long and challenging. It requires personal development, continual learning and taking calculated risks. These are all traits that will absolutely make you feel uncomfortable in the moment but will slowly put you in a better position with better choices and opportunities available to you.

It won’t be enough thinking of just the nice car or the house to keep you motivated day-in-day-out for the long haul. Only the feeling of necessity will get you there, so ask yourself why do I want to build wealth?



What truly is your why?

For myself, I want to enjoy my time on this planet and to do so I require free time. I want to engage with the people that matter the most to me and I don’t want to spend my entire life working for someone else, feeling so dependent on their opinion of me just for a pay cheque. I seek to build wealth for a deep cause.

Sure, it would be easier to stay in that position and accept it for the consistently not horrible situation it is and never try to break away. But why set your goals on consistently not horrible instead of great? I’d rather try to be my own person with the freedom and financial security to say no to others when I want to. Because after all, if you’re only here for 80 years if you’re lucky, why would you want to spend 50+ of them feeling like you never got to appreciate the gift that it is.

Feeling Motivated? Keep learning.

Alex O'Donnell

I'm a 20-something IT professional by day with a strong passion for finance, investing, cars, motorbikes and music. Living in Sydney, Australia.

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